Monday, February 14, 2011


There are lots of different supposed reasons for Valentines Day existing. There are several Saints, a few very sweet, supposed stories, and a whole lot of people who believe it was created by hallmark. The latter makes me sad, as that’s what is happening to all holidays it seems, and although in a way commercialism is good (takes away from the original catholic roots, and allows people of all cultures to enjoy the festivities) people seem to miss the point. Before I get carried away and off topic, I just want to say that I think Valentine’s Day is day to make sure the people who you love know you love them. It’s not singles awareness day and even though I don’t overly celebrate it, I appreciate it for what it’s worth. (kind of like Justin Beiber … I don’t want to listen to him, but it’s good for preteens & below to hear a musician who isn’t singing about things that are depressing & too serious for them, or about sex, drugs & rock’n’roll hahaha!)

So enjoy it !

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have tea & a long conversation with your mother. Even if it’s on the phone & you both make/drink tea wherever you are at home, take the time out of your busy schedule to talk without interruption and daily distractions. sweet & simple.

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send a flower to your sibling (fun ones! not roses…  & yeah your brother too, he secretly loves it)

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give your dad a sweet treat ( I know not just my dad, but my grandfathers too, would love to sneak a slice of chocolate cake or cupcake!)

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forward an “[I] care package” to your best friend. I don’t just mean a literal package, though something like a small toy in their favorite colour to stick on their desk would be cute, or a framed picture of the two of you, but maybe write down one of your favorite memories with them, or how much you admire something you’ve never told them before. all those cute things you do with your “significant other” do for your best friend! after all, they’ve been there through it all.

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distribute valentines to all of your friends / coworkers. Whether or not they are homemade, vintage, an accumulation of all your old ones from throughout elementary school, fancy nice ones, or ones you bought from the dollar store. the sweet little gesture to let someone know that you thought of them is always appreciated. even if they do say bah humbug at you, you’ll warm the grinches heart, even if by one size. (yes, I used christmas references for valentines day… but we don’t have any appropriate ones for lonely, bitter soles on valentines!)

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♥ RAK ! also known as Random Acts of Kindness. Keep a few blank valentines in your back pocket or purse to hand out to strangers you see, maybe with a lollipop attached, just to see them smile. Why not?


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Donate! After Christmas there is a huge lull in donations to food banks, and the salvation army. Pre-spring is one of the worst times for donation centres. Spring cleaning hasn’t started yet for people donating things and a lot of people forget about how much food banks need not only food, but money (so they can buy in wholesale! more bang for their buck this way!) Why not spread your love around to your community, or our community, the world!


Congrats if you got this far! I know it’s quite literally the last couple minutes of Valentine’s Day, but just wanted to get my sentiments out there (: not to mention, chances are if you’re reading this, I care about you and you came to check out the new blog! If not, and you’ve stumbled upon my blog, leave a message in the comments! I always respond.




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